Data Target Derivatives

Derivative data targets transform an output in some way in addition to performing the write function. We expect the list of derivative data targets to grow over time. Currently, a list of sources are:

Data Target Description
ChainedTarget Allows users to string a series of transformations together. Chained feed all records written to them to a child transformation (extension of Transformer). There's no limit to how many transformations can be "chained" or strung together. See ChainedTarget javadoc for additional information.
CompositeTarget Allows users to multiple targets as one. Targets are processed in the order they are specified. There's no limit to how many targets can specified. See CompositeTarget javadoc for additional information.
RoutingTarget Like CompositeTarget, allows users to multiple targets as one. However, a filter can be specified for each target; the target will only be processed for rows that pass the filter. See RoutingTarget javadoc and Filter javadoc for additional information.
ScreeningDataTarget Will automatically filter out unwanted data from a data target based on filter conditions you provide. See ScreeningDataTarget javadoc for additional information.
SynchronizedDataTarget Will insure that all access to the wrapped data target is 'synchronized'. See SynchronizedDataTarget javadoc for additional information.
SynchronizedUpdatableDataTarget Will insure that all access to the wrapped updatable data target is 'synchronized'. See SynchronizedUpdatableDataTarget javadoc for additional information.

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